Be Boop Fashion Girl: a cute blue kitten!

Be Boop Fashion Girl is a cute blue kitten, deep-colored, of the feminine principle that seems to come out of a comic or dream to bring joy and care to those who look at it. Be Boop is inspired by Betty Boop, a celebrated character of the animation world, conceived in 1931 by Fleischer brothers. Betty Boop explodes in the scene of American animation with a strong erotic charge, out of the patterns of the time. It is the typical flapper, that is, the fashionable girl of the jazz era. It has the character of an irreverent woman, masculine, strong and mischievous. Its sensual and overwhelming appearance leaves no indifference. Like Betty Boop, our “kitten” Be Boop is sure to be aware of his sex appeal, he has a strong self-irony and is aware of his abilities. But the note Be Boop is also inspired by the style of other true or invented female icons: Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Eva Kant, and even Alice in Wonderland, the latter heroine who faces the Queen of Hearts ‘Has it faced at least once?) And defeats it with the strength of awareness and self-confidence. Our Be Boop kitten is therefore a “fashion girl” that encapsulates all the characteristics of these female characters to which women of all time have been inspired.