Betty Boop Extensible Leash Pink



Ergonomic anti-slip handle

Length: 5 m



There are plenty of accessories for walking your dog, one is the extensible and rolling leash, which, as the name suggests, wraps itself inside an automatically handle

Above the handle you can find a button that can block the extensible leash if necessary, such as locking a specific length when needed.

But how does this kind of leash was created? Here’s his story.

Initially, it was mainly used in hunting, since the toe dogs were kept on the leash so that the master could follow them and reach the place where the prey was. Today, this kind of extravagant leash has proved useful in cities for normal and quiet walks with your dog.

This leash automatically rewinds and you can handle it with just one hand, so it is very useful if you have a busy hand. Another interesting advantage is the length, as this leash is much longer than the usual ones on the market, providing more space and freedom to your dog’s movements.

Since the leash can stretch a lot, it is ideal for extra-urban use where the dog can freely move around. Instead, when walking on a sidewalk it is necessary to lock the leash to a length that does not allow him to go to the road and then risk some incident.

With this type of leash the dog can have a great freedom of movement, and you will also have a constant control while keeping it long. This leash helps to solve many problems in managing the dog in the walk, staying under constant tension. Thanks to the braking system that characterizes it, it is possible to control the dog in a gentle manner and without hurting it.